Buyer Read First

Payment Policy
Now is offering the Credit Card as payment.
For protecting our customers we need our customers make sure the list below:
The Credit Card billing address should match the Shipping address in the order.
And each payment would handled by our customer service .And usually if the shipping address is different from your Credit Card billing address we may cancel the order .
To save both the customers and our time .We usually would send a confirmation mail about the Shipping Address .If it is not OK to ship the Billing Address on your Credit Card please give us a reply .And after 3 days we would cancel the order and issue your full refund if there is no reply for the order.
About Shipping
Most of our orders would ship in 24-48 hours after receiving your payment .And each order would offer a tracking number by mail. As we sale large numbers everyday .So sometime you would receive a mail about the products which is out of stock .So please reply us as soon as possible so that we can ship your order ASAP.
If there are some questions with the order , Feel free to contact us by mail 
We would reply your mail in 10 hours.